Our Programs

Girl Child Continuing Education

India boasts one of the highest populations in the world. Women constitute almost half the population


Menstruation Program

71% adolescent girls in India remain unaware of menstruation till menarche.

Women and adolescent girls face multiple challenges, it is evident that promoting menstrual hygiene management is not only a sanitation matter; it is also an important step towards safeguarding the dignity, bodily integrity and overall life opportunities of women and girls.

The lack of separate toilets with doors that can be safely closed, or the unavailability of means to dispose of used sanitary pads and water to wash hands, means that women and girls face challenges in maintaining their menstrual hygiene.

Dark and Lovely

Who decides what’s beautiful?

India is particularly guilty of the brand of body shaming that insists that only fair is lovely. The one thing that sets us Indians apart is our fetish for fair skin. Media, advertising, and the fairness cream industry strafe Indian women and now men too, with the message that their natural skin colour is not good enough, whether for a job, a game of tennis, or the marriage market.

Dark and Lovely seeks to draw attention to the unjust effects of skin colour bias, shaped by societal attitudes and reinforced by media messages that are corroding the self-worth of countless people, young and old. Creating awareness about skin colour bias is the first step to fighting it.


About Us

Lajja Diaries was conceived on the 2nd Anniversary of the horrific Nirbhaya rape, and now in its 7th year of operation, Lajja Diaries has scaled up their efforts and operations to integrate this digital platform with on ground activities, thus forming Lajja Foundation.