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Second Chance Program - Education Continued

#GenerationEquality #GirlChildEducation

The Second Chance program is the opportunity to give young girls across India the ability to pursue an education. It’s especially important at a time like this, when the country is waging a difficult battle against Covid 19, to ensure that their education continues so they can build a better life for themselves and those around them. 
Our aim is to support young girls across New Delhi NCR by providing them with learning programs/opportunities, digital facilities and access to education. The aim will be to bridge any gap that stands in the way of their education.
WE all know that educating a girl is educating a family and community. Together, we aim to create a program that empowers the next generation of leaders. 
The Second Chance Program: 

The program works with young girls, mostly in need of primary education, who are living in slums and resettlement colonies, with meagre access to economic capital. Most of them cannot afford to continue an education and many have dropped out of formal education prior to completing class 12, hence their employment choices will be limited. Many have not been outside their neighborhoods and several live in abusive households.

Second Chance program provides an opportunity to continue formal education until they complete class 12, which is an opportunity for them for self-empowerment and self-development, and to fully equip them to become self-sustaining professionals in the future. Once qualified, these girls can continue higher education and look for employment opportunities.

Women with very little means are also offered financial and other support.
To know more details, please download the pdf below: